How We Do It


Rational unified process has matured over many years and reflects the collective experience of many people and companies that make up rational softwares rich heritage today.And EXTO adds feather to the cap because of this development.

We plan ALOT, design ALOT, code ALOT

for making our clients "STRESS FREE".

we take the risk,

we take the responsibilities.

we manage the change and increase the gain.

Consumers purchase behaviour has changed. Retailers should use technology for operational excellence and expose store merchandising trends in real time for better,faster and learner business. Retail faces the challenges and oppurtunities and helps the clients to channelize,mobilize and socialize.Retailing is on Consulting, Technology and Sourcing to help clients and provide efficient operations and end to end out sourcing.

The SIX KEYS followed by EXTO:

  1. we visually model software.
  2. we manage requirements.
  3. we develop software iteratively.
  4. we use component based architectures.
  5. we verify software quality.
  6. we control changes software.

Major Milestones


  • a general vision of core project requirements,key features.

    project glossary.

    business model.

    initial business case.

    financial forecast.


  • software architecture description.

    executable architectural prototype.

    revised risk list and revised business case.

    development plan for overall project.

    updated development care.

    preliminary user manual.


  • user manual

    a description of the current release.

    the software product integrated on the adequate platforms.

    cumulative increase in functionality.

    implement all details not only those of central architectural value.


  • conversion of operational databases.

    roll net the product to marketing, distribution and sales team.

    alpha beta and final releases.

    software updates.

    integration with existing systems.

Primary modeling elements

  1. workers.
  2. Activities.
  3. Anti facts.
  4. Work flows.

EXTO follows 3 core work flows

  1. Project management work flow.
  2. Configuration and change management work flow.
  3. Environment work flow.

BENEFITS of Rational unified process

  1. RUP is a process product.
  2. RUP changes team productivity.
  3. RUP creates and maintains models.
  4. RUP effectively uses the unified modeling language.
  5. RUP is supported by tools and is configurable process.
  6. RUP captures many of the best practices in modern software development.